We kindly ask you to record a short self-presentation video (around 1-2 minutes long, 24 MB max). You should tell us about your experiences and skills relevant to the position. If you can draw, dance, play chess, or sing – tell us all about it!

The Chinese market has very strong and particular requirements for pronunciation and accents. American, British, or neutral ones are strongly preferred. Strong “R”s are not welcome normally.


Please produce your teaching-focused CV with an emphasis on your teaching passion, transferable skills, energy, and motivation to work with young learners. Irrelevant experience is not valued for educational jobs in China – even if you were working for NASA before!

In addition, previous babysitting or other child-minding responsibilities are always welcome.


Please fill in the questionnaire to thoroughly instruct us about your requirements. By doing so, our team can best match you with an offer that’s right for you. When completed, please send this information to

We’re able to conduct interviews faster with Wechat, so please install the app for your device – it’s absolutely crucial for anything related to China. Skype is also accepted.

Download Questionnaire
  • South or north; Tier 1/big or small cities. If location is not important, skip the question.
  • Do you have TESOL/TEFL/CELTA or other teaching certificates?
  • (math/computer science/business English, etc)
  • Are you planning to go alone or with your partner/family? Do you have any requests?
  • Drop files here or
  • Drop files here or

Plenty of jobs available for those who are IN CHINA with higher salary. Do not hesitate to get promoted for higher salary
$2500-$4000 USD/month+free accomodation

1. Job Type: Full-time
2. Location: multiple locations across China
3. Monthly salary: RMB 16,000 – 25,000/month (2500-4000 USD)
4. Flight and visa expenses reimbursement upon 1-year contract completion
5. Accomodation: Free accommodation or Housing allowance