Plenty of jobs available for those who are IN CHINA with higher salary. Do not hesitate to get promoted for higher salary
$2500-$4000 USD/month+free accomodation

1. Job Type: Full-time
2. Location: multiple locations across China
3. Monthly salary: RMB 16,000 – 25,000/month (2500-4000 USD)
4. Flight and visa expenses reimbursement upon 1-year contract completion
5. Accomodation: Free accommodation or Housing allowance


We are proud to list jobs available across mainland China (excluding Tibet and Xinjiang). As a prospective candidate, you’ll receive exceptional assistance and a plethora of teaching opportunities to aid your professional journey along every step of the way.

We believe elite educational requirements can sometimes be structural barriers to otherwise inspiring teachers. One of our most attractive pulling factors is that we have partnerships with schools which can secure work visas even without a bachelor’s degree. In addition, our teaching roles often provide lucrative remuneration packages to reward your work and commitment.

With Tchinajobs, you get the best of both worlds. We help those who want to experience authentic Chinese culture and earn money at the same time. With considerable experience as former ESL teachers and leaders, we are always on your side.

It’s equally tough for employers in China to find the right people for their vacancies, too. That’s where we come in. By providing an expert introduction service for both employers and prospective employees, we match the best with the best.

We take time to carefully screen all educational institutes and employers to make sure that our teachers and au pairs know as much about their prospective employer as possible before proceeding to sign a contract. That means you’ll know all about the role itself and the facilities that you can expect when you take up your position, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident to make a move overseas.


  • Honest consultancy on salary and relocation issues

  • Legal working visa employment, even for those without a bachelor’s degree

  • $200 in loyalty bonuses paid by Tchinajobs to a working visa-qualified candidate upon successful placement

  • Visa invitation for a prompt arrival

  • Turn-key solutions to get TEFL certificate within 14 business days at no extra cost for you

  • We reimburse your flight expenses within a month upon your arrival

We can ensure that you are provided with prompt invitations for arrival in China. And, unlike many other consultants, we can obtain working visas for you without the need for a bachelor’s degree.

If you have what it takes to be an outstanding professional teacher or au pair, we would be delighted to work with you to find your ideal job in China. Contact us today for unbiased, honest advice on how you could land your next teaching job in China.

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We kindly ask you to record a short self-presentation video (around 1-2 minutes long, 24 MB max). You should tell us about your experiences and skills relevant to the position. If you can draw, dance, play chess, or sing – tell us all about it!

The Chinese market has very strong and particular requirements for pronunciation and accents. American, British, or neutral ones are strongly preferred. Strong “R”s are not welcome normally.


Please produce your teaching-focused CV with an emphasis on your teaching passion, transferable skills, energy, and motivation to work with young learners. Irrelevant experience is not valued for educational jobs in China – even if you were working for NASA before!

In addition, previous babysitting or other child-minding responsibilities are always welcome.


Please fill in the questionnaire to thoroughly instruct us about your requirements. By doing so, our team can best match you with an offer that’s right for you. When completed, please send this information to

We’re able to conduct interviews faster with Wechat, so please install the app for your device – it’s absolutely crucial for anything related to China. Skype is also accepted.

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Yes, free accommodation or decent housing allowance (in the biggest cities) will be provided. Moreover, travel and visa expenses are usually reimbursed upon a 1-year contract completion, with a discretional bonus at the end of the contract depending on your performance.
Visa and travel expenses are usually reimbursed upon contract completion. This can sometimes be negotiated to be done earlier upon arrival, but never upfront.

Please send your CV and smart photo, along with the questionnaire to or Wechat id:matos185.


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“Thanks, Stan. Thanks for setting me up as well.”

from Harbin


“The job is amazing. Formally thank you for this.”

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“Absolutely loving life! Was a difficult start at times but beginning to find my feet!”

from Shenzhen