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Tchinajobs is a Shanghai-based, licensed agency for educational and au pair positions in China. Founded in 2016 by former ESL teachers to deliver non-biased independent advice to foreign teachers, Tchinajobs represents ambitious candidates who are often overlooked by other agencies.

We’re proud to list jobs available across mainland China (excluding Tibet and Xinjiang). As a prospective candidate, you’ll receive exceptional assistance and a plethora of teaching opportunities to aid your professional journey along every step of the way.

We believe elite educational requirements can sometimes be structural barriers to otherwise inspiring teachers. One of our most attractive pulling factors is that we have partnerships with schools which can secure work visas even without a bachelor’s degree. In addition, our teaching roles often provide lucrative remuneration packages to reward your work and commitment.

With Tchinajobs, you get the best of both worlds. We help those who want to experience authentic Chinese culture and earn money at the same time. With considerable experience as former ESL teachers and leaders, we are always on your side.


  • Honest consultancy on salary and relocation issues

  • Legal working visa employment, even for those without a bachelor’s degree

  • $200 in loyalty bonuses paid by Tchinajobs to a working visa-qualified candidate upon successful placement

  • Visa invitation for a prompt arrival

  • Turn-key solutions to get TEFL certificate within 14 business days at no extra cost for you


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Tchinajobs | Teaching Jobs in China


“Thanks, Stan. Thanks for setting me up as well.”

from Harbin


“The job is amazing. Formally thank you for this.”

from Changzhou


“Absolutely loving life! Was a difficult start at times but beginning to find my feet!”

from Shenzhen

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